Bitwig! - 12/03/2020

We're proud to present a new effect package for Bitwig Studio: Audio FX - Space, Time, Color.

Discover 150+ Audio FX presets that each cast a mood onto any audio or virtual instrument output. Explore a large selection of modelled reverbs (built from the ground up in The Grid) and spread your vocals through amazing spaces.
Chop your rhythms up and get creative in the time domain using repeater and stutter effects.
Give your bass extra punch, add width and color to any sound, or crunch things into glitchy destruction.

Watch the video and learn more...

Best wishes,
The Bitwig Team!

Universal Audio! - 05/03/2020 - modifiee le 05/03/2020

LUNA's Analog-Inspired Workflow!

The classic analog workflow is legendary for a reason — it's how thousands of iconic recordings were made.

LUNA Recording System's seamless hardware-software integration with Apollo gives you that same natural, inspiring, analog-sounding workflow — with near zero latency.

Learn how Grammy-winning producers Jacquire King (Tom Waits, Kings of Leon) and Fab Dupont (Shakira, Santigold) harness LUNA's Accelerated Realtime Monitoring™ — effectively eliminating audio latency during the recording process.

Cort Guitars! - 19/02/2020

BassPlayer Reviews the Artisan B5 Plus AS!

Our “workhorse” 5-string Artisan bass, the B5 Plus AS recently got reviewed by BassPlayer Magazine. Earning a 4.5 star rating, BP’s verdict was “A flexible bass that looks like it might cost many times its price.”

Beginner Guitar HQ! - 18/02/2020

The Best Audio Mixer!
November 10, 2019 by Jose Zapata "Zeta"

In this buyer’s guide we dig deep into how to choose the best audio mixer.

There are basically 3 kinds of mixers suited for different professions, all of which I took into consideration for my list:

- Recording studios (music, TV, film, broadcasting, etc);
- Live musical shows;
- DJ.

We’re also covering the basics of consoles. Think of it as an “audio mixer 101.” During this portion, I shared some mixers as an example of what I’m explaining.

Furthermore, we’re sharing with the things to look for when buying a mixer. I want you to make an informed decision.

And lastly, we’re sharing with you our selection and review of the top 10 audio mixers you can buy right now. I added a subtitle on every item letting you know the best application -profession- for each particular console.

Overall, we’re featuring beginner, intermediate, and a couple of advanced mixing consoles.

AMS Neve! - 13/01/2020

Introducing the AMS RMX16 500 Series Module!

The legendary sound of the AMS RMX16 Digital Reverb is back.

Nearly 40 years since making its debut on the professional recording scene, the iconic AMS RMX16 Digital Reverberation System is being relaunched in hardware format as part of our popular rack-mounted 500 Series.

In keeping with its predecessor, which was the world’s first microprocessor-controlled, full-bandwidth digital reverberator, the new RMX16 500 Digital Reverb Module is designed to be musical rather than simply implementing mathematical algorithms. Great care has also been taken to replicate the complex sonic characteristics of the original unit’s analogue and converter circuitry, which played a big part in the overall sound.

From the outset the AMS RMX16 was designed by ear, with each program tuned and re-tuned to provide as wide a “sweet-spot” of settings as possible by means of “carpet graph” parameter tables, interactively linked control by control. These design principles are key to its longevity and have been carried forward to the new RMX16 500 to ensure that it replicates the original’s outstanding performance.

Key features include:

- An 18kHz bandwidth, allowing it to also be used as a high-quality digital delay line.
- 90dB dynamic range and 0.03% distortion in delay mode.
- Adjustable input and output levels for optimum signal to noise performance.
- Low power consumption (and therefore cool running).
- Independent control of each program’s fundamental reverberant parameters.
- Nudge buttons to increment or decrement data for all selectable reverberation functions.
- Alphanumeric program descriptions for ease of use when storing or recalling information for the unit’s memory.
- New rotary push encoder enabling all parameters and settings to be adjusted by ear.
- New wet/dry mix blend function.
- New save/recall feature with 100 user-defined memory slots.

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